October 9, 2008

Volxsturm - Bi uns to hus...

Band/artist - Volxsturm
Genre(s) - Oi!
Origin - Germany
Album - Bi uns to Hus
Year of release - 2002

In Germany, where they play a lot of oi!, there are quite a lot of oi! bands and many of them are German. Therefore, I present you with Volxsturm, a German oi! band. I know the name sounds conspicious but y'all know I'd never post nazi music, at least not if you can actually decipher the lyrics. The band's a bit more hardline in music and attitude than Vier Promille was, but have an excellent ear for the catchier riffs and shout-along moments. Songs that are particularly cool are Heimat (the version by Broilers on their split is even more awesome), the title track, Geht Vorbei, and the skatastic Mir geht's gut.
The genre (and skinhead subculture) is burdened with a reputation of being angry but this is undeserved; a lot of oi! is really fun-loving music and hey, skins are people too. :)
  1. Chaos rock'n'roll 101
  2. Heimat (Homeland)
  3. Viel zu spät (Far too late)
  4. Bi uns to hus (At our home(?)
  5. Lang ist es her... (It's been a long time...)
  6. Geht vorbei (everything) Passes)
  7. Tanz! (Dance!)
  8. Wie lange noch? (How much longer?)
  9. Nur für dich (Just for you)
  10. Raff dich auf (Get yourself up)
  11. Skinheads are back
  12. Mir geht's gut (I'm doing fine)
  13. Alltag (Everyday)
  14. Bier ist totall mein Freund (Beer is totally my friend)
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