October 8, 2008

4 Promille - Alte Schule

Band/artist - 4 Promille
Genre(s) - Oi!
Origin - Germany
Album - Alte Schule
Year of release - 2007

An oi! band formed by Volker Grüner after leaving rechtsrock band Störkraft out of ideological differences with the main lyricist. 4 Promille play alcoholic, diversified street rock with a good production and more room for the odd nostalgic touch than any other band in the skinhead scene that I know. Songs such as Ten and a Half about lost childhood or Die Nacht incorporate melodies that seem quite sad to me. Another thing that sets 4 Promille apart from their peers is their dual vocal duties: some songs are sung by a female singer whose name I can't find. The skinhead image may scare people away unnecessarily; if you like straightforward rock and roll music you will probably enjoy this disk. If you do, both their previous albums are just as recommended.
  1. Alte Schule (Old school)
  2. Die Nacht (The night)
  3. I like them in underwear
  4. Export
  5. Harald unser (Our Harald)
  6. Ten and a half
  7. Porn star
  8. No hit wonder
  9. Arschloch (Asshole)
  10. Aus dem Regen (Out of the rain)
  11. Cognac
  12. Fleisch und Blut (Flesh and blood)
  13. Mrs. Nice
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