October 2, 2008

Ash Pool - World Turns on its Hinge

Band/artist - Ash Pool
Genre(s) - Black metal
Origin - United States of America
Album - World Turns on its Hinge
Year of release - 2007

This album will never really become a true favourite but it surprised me and I decided to write a bit about it and share with you.
Ash Pool was formed only three years ago by two very angry men - one is also from Prurient if that rings a bell (it doesn't with me) - who needed to vent some frustration. With raw black metal they chose the right form to do so, and indeed this album sounds crude and extremely malignant. Figures that they sing mostly about sadism, specializing in sexual violence. At first I thought it would sound like an Ildjarn-clone, but World Turns on its Hinge is surprisingly melodic and not too boring and as such exceeded my expectations by a mile. For fans of Akitsa, Katharsis, Clandestine Blaze...
  1. Sin of life
  2. Crucifixion fantasy
  3. Shade of rape
  4. Penetrated slave
  5. Under zyklon blue
  6. Rapist's thrusts
  7. Vices triumph over wisdom
  8. The sin of nature is the sign of god
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