October 25, 2008

Grateful Dead live at Fillmore West, 22-08-1968

Band/artist - Grateful Dead
Genre(s) - Psych rock, jam band
Origin - Frisco USA
Album - Live at the Fillmore West, NYC, 22nd of August 1968
Year of release - Bootleg; never officially released

Back when I was still a hippie some three years ago I used to be quite into the Grateful Dead, especially the good old psychedelic live jams from the sixties. This is one of the innumerable bootlegs that circulate through the single most loyal fanbase of any band in the world. The band has always been quite encouraging towards tapers as long as they release their bootlegs on a non-profit basis, how cool is that? Jerry, Bob, Pigpen, Phil, Micky and Bill knew like no other band how to transform their studio songs songs into huge stretches of pure hallucinogenic madness in a live setting... and mostly improvised! The way the individual band members adapt to/feed into the single entity that is the music is phenomenal, and the effect is totally spacey. Oh! And they have two drummers.
  1. Dark star
  2. St. Stephen > The eleven
  3. Death don't have no mercy
  4. (Turn on your) Love light
  5. Alligator
  6. Caution (do not step on tracks)
  7. Feedback
  8. Bid you goodnight
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