October 11, 2008

Broilers - Vanitas

Band/artist - Broilers
Genre(s) - Oi!
Origin - Germany (Düsseldorf)
Album - Vanitas
Year of release - 2007

Did someone say German oi? Here's some more! Broilers are again more sophisticated than Volxsturm, having shed most of their skinhead image and taking a lot of direct influence from straight-up rock and roll. The track Ruby Light & Dark, much recommended, seems even to incorporate some 80s pop/disco-ish vibe at some places, to great effect. Like Vier Promille, they have an emotional depth that is often lacking in this kind of music. Biggest contributor to this is singer Sammy's voice.
It took me a while to get used to but it really got to me; it's instantly recognizable and has that much more feeling than your average drunken streetrock barker. A lot of the songs on the second half of this album are even now still growing on me, having unjustly ignored them for a long time. With Vanitas I have completed my German oi! triumvirate. If you download any of them, know that you'll probably like both the others as well.
  1. Preludio
  2. Zurück zum Beton (Back to the concrete)
  3. Meine Sache (My business)
  4. Held in unserer Mitte (Hero in our midst)
  5. Vanitas
  6. Ruby light & dark
  7. Alles, was ich tat (Everything I've done)
  8. Das Verdikt, Rache (The verdict, revenge)
  9. Lost soul
  10. Punkrock love song
  11. Werdet ihr folgen (Will you follow)
  12. Heute schon gelebt (Lived today yet?)
  13. Weißt du es schon (Do you know yet?)
  14. Sicherheit (Certainty/safety)
  15. Wir gehen schonmal (We're going already)
  16. Hexenjagd (Witch hunt)
  17. Schönheit, das Biest (Beauty, the beast)
  18. Weißes Licht (White light)
  19. Halt den Sommer fest (Hold on to the summer)
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