October 24, 2008

Defiant statement on Cyndi's disappearance

Okay, what the fuck? I uploaded some Cyndi Lauper and both the post and the mediafire upload have gone. H4x0red by record company executives? Come on, the album sold in the millions, surely you guise have profited on its sales enough by now to let one illegal upload slip? Maybe Cyndi is totally down with music piracy, why don't you ask her?

The peaceful coexistence of black metal on one hand and actual music on the other is one of the main justfications of this blog's existence and I will not stand for a depopification of my illegal internet activities.

Besides, is it not way more criminal that we are actually expected to pay for such absolute necessities to live a human(e) life such as food, drugs and music than that I'm distributing the latter for free? POPular revolt against record companies now! Workers of the music industry unite, the power is YOURS!


(Okay I'm better now.)


  1. How do you think this happened? Are you going to send a complaint to google/blogger? Or upload it again?

  2. I don't know. I don't think it's Blogger because it also disappeared from my mediafire account and I doubt Blogger would ór could force Mediafire to delete a file. Especially just one out of 70 files they know I have uploaded there. The reverse also seems unlikely, for the same reasons. And it sure as hell wasn't me. That's why I think it actually was someone from the music business.

  3. I can hardly send a complaint about something being deleted which I had no legal right to upload anyway. I may try again later but I expect the same will happen.

    ...you DID see I had posted a Cyndi Lauper album a few weeks ago, right? Maybe I'm just going bananas. ^-^

  4. I saw the original upload one day. When I checked back a few days later there was no sign of it.