October 24, 2008

Electric Six - Fire

Band/artist - Electric Six
Genre(s) - Disco rock??
Origin - United States of America
Album - Fire
Year of release - 2003

This is one of the, if not the most righteous party album of this decade. Electric Six have it all. Catchiness, quirkiness, major and persistent sexual innuendo and a whole goddamn truckload of humour. Their music is based solidly in rock, augmented with a lot of playful disco, pop and electronic elements.
Dick Valentine's voice is decidedly pompous and his lyrics deal with topics such as dancing and sex and, well, fire. Because every song on here contains this last word, Fire was chosen as the title of this first and still most well-known release of theirs. If you have heard the singles Danger! High Voltage and Gay Bar, you know exactly what to expect. Personally those are not my favourites on the album; I like the first threesome of songs and Improper Dancing a little more. This disk is smokin' hot; get it and go wild.
  1. Dance commander
  2. Electric demons in love
  3. Naked pictures (of your mother)
  4. Danger! High voltage
  5. She's white
  6. I invented the night
  7. Improper dancing
  8. Gay bar
  9. Nuclear war (on the dancefloor)
  10. Getting into the jam
  11. Vengeance and fashion
  12. I'm the bomb
  13. Synthesizer
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  1. I watched the videos for gay bar and high voltage for the first time this week. Fun times.