October 5, 2008

Boudewijn de Groot - Grootste Hits

Groep/artiest - Boudewijn de Groot
Genre(s) - Folk, singer-songwriter
Oorsprong - Nederland
Album - Grootste hits
Jaar van uitgave - 1973

Boudewijn de Groot is a Dutch self-styled troubadour who's had all kinds of songs in his repertoire, from plaintive (Verdronken Vlinder, Waterdrager) to uplifting (Tante Julia, Jimmy) and from socially critical (Welterusten, Mijnheer de President) to nonsensical (Het Land van Maas en Waal, Als de Rook om je Hoofd is Verdwenen). It was he who consciously decided to write the first Dutch psychedelic album, entitled Picknick,
in 1967/68. He's still a popular artist in Holland and Flanders and several of his songs are known to most Dutch people. This is a compilation of his greatest early hits, and it has always been the album my family listened to in long car drives to our holiday destination. I can sing them all word for word and they're all great songs that are by now rooted deeply in my subconsciousness. Absolute favourites of mine include the scathing anti-war protest anthem Welterusten Mijnheer de President which gets more tense and dramatic as the song progresses, the poetic and melancholic Prikkebeen, and the fun Tante Julia. Also much respect to late Lennart Nijgh who wrote most of Boudewijn's best lyrics.
  1. Een meisje van zestien (A sixteen year old girl)
  2. Apocalyps
  3. Welterusten mijnheer de president (Sleep well, mister President)
  4. Verdronken vlinder (Drowned butterfly)
  5. Testament
  6. Het land van Maas en Waal (The land of Meuse and Waal)
  7. Onder ons (Among us)
  8. Prikkebeen ("Stingy Leg", nickname of a character)
  9. Als de rook om je hoofd is verdwenen (When the smoke round your head has disappeared)
  10. Waterdrager (Water carrier)
  11. Tante Julia (Aunty Julia)
  12. Jimmy
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