October 20, 2008

Mad Caddies - Just One More

Band/artist - Mad Caddies
Genre(s) - Ska punk
Origin - United States of America
Album - Just One More
Year of release - 2003

Well, alright then. One ska punk album for mister, and a mighty fine one it is too.
The Mad Caddies are from California and the music is fittingly sunny but not so much that it gets shallow. They don't so much mix melodic punk rock with ska, rather tend to change back and forth between the two. This is not at all a bother as these guys are good musicians and they know how to put together well-running songs. The band displays a large variety of influences and tricks to keep the ride pleasant till the end and in that case, the rule goes: the more tracks, the more fun to be had.
  1. Drinking for 11
  2. Contraband
  3. Villains
  4. Science
  5. Just one more
  6. Day by day
  7. Leavin
  8. Rockupation
  9. Last breath
  10. Spare change
  11. Riot
  12. 10 west
  13. Good intentions
  14. Wet dog
  15. Game show
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