May 21, 2008

Volxsturm & Broilers - Good Fellas Never Split

Band - Volxsturm & Broilers
Genre(s) - Oi!
Origin - Germany (Broilers: Düsseldorf; Volxsturm: all over he place)
Album - Good Fellas Never Split
Year of release - 2006

Another split, and why not? It's a cost-effective way of showcasing as many bands in as little time as possible. Plus, I don't want to go offering too much of any single band, you should discover the rest by yourself. So anyway, two of my favourite modern German (apolitical) oi! bands. Most oi! is way too gruff, amateurish and bland for me, but these are two out of several predominantly German bands who put a little more work into their songs than two simple monotonous chords and a sing-along chorus about beer. Especially Broilers is much more "sensitive" and innovative than that, but also Volxsturm aspires to something beyond drunken street anthems for drunken street fighters. Still the spirit of pure rock and fucking roll is omnipresent here. Best song on Good Fellas Never Split is Heimat, which is actually a near-unrecognisable Volxsturm cover, while Nur die Nacht Weiß is originally a Broilers song.
  1. Volxsturm - Nur die Nacht weiß (Only the night knows)
  2. Volxsturm - So sind sie (That's how they are)
  3. Volxsturm - Kuddel Dadaldu
  4. Volxsturm - Ich werde nicht so wie ihr (I will never become like you)
  5. Broilers - Heimat (Homeland)
  6. Broilers - Regen auf der Königsallee (Rain on King's alley)
  7. Broilers - Cigarettes & Whiskey
  8. Broilers - You can get it if you really want
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