October 7, 2008

Ernst Busch

Band/artist - Ernst Busch
Genre(s) - Classical singer
Origin - Kiel, Deutschland
Album - My compilation for you!
Year of release - unreleased

Ernst Busch, who wrote the previously posted poem, was a communist stage actor and singer most famous for his roles in Bertold Brecht's plays and the political and worker songs (like those written by Hanns Eisler in the 20s and 30s, as well as traditionals from the Spanish Civil War in which Ernst actively fought) he gave voice to. This is my compilation of only the best and most militant of these. Bombastically orchestrated marches and hymns from the time when Moscow dictated exactly what the right ideological course was for most communists accross the globe. In the eponymous song, for instance, Lenin is described as some omnipotent demigod whose mere words made the houses, mines and factories rise from the ground. Listen especially to the brilliant Der Heimliche Aufmarsch ("Workers, peasants, take up your rifles...!"), learn the lyrics by heart and sing it in the streets!
  1. Der heimliche Aufmarsch (gegen die Sowjetunion) (The surreptuous advance upon the Soviet Union)
  2. Linker Marsch (Left march)
  3. Lenin
  4. Das lied vom Vaterland (Song of the fatherland)
  5. Vorwärts, Bolshewik! (Forwards, bolshevik!)
  6. Roter Wedding (Red district)
  7. Vorwärts internationale Brigades! (Forwards, International Brigades!)
  8. Halt Stand, rotes Madrid (Stand fast, red Madrid!)
  9. Der Zukunft entgegen (Toward the future)
  10. Die Rote Armee marschiert (The Red Army marches)
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