October 20, 2008

Infernum - Farewell

Band/artist - Infernum
Genre(s) - Black metal
Origin - Poland
Album - Farewell
Year of release - 2005

Another beast from the East. Infernum as a band was founded by some Anextiomarus but apparently the band literally split in two. This incarnation of the band is actually that of the side or session members, but then those side members are nobody but
Capricornus and Rob Darken of Graveland - and more - infamy. This new Infernum is better off, I must say, as it brings some very interesting fresh ideas to the table while using unmistakably Eastern European harmonies. The main motif in Before the Locks of Twilight and the epic keyboard parts in Hisarna instantly negate the thin production and the all too loose drumming job. This is unique material - black metal for connaisseurs.
  1. Reverence to the obscure
  2. Black march
  3. Before the locks of twilight
  4. Hisarna
  5. Inverted prayer
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