June 27, 2009

Hammerfall - Renegade

Genre(s) - Heavy/power metal
Origin - Sweden (not Umeå)
Year of release - 2000
Bitrate - 128 kbps
Size - 42.49 MB

[Was scheduled to appear here on saturday while I was away, but somehow it didn't. Here it is after all. Turns out I enjoyed a lot of bands I was prejudiced against. But I did steer clear of most of the blacker metals except Keep of Kalessin who were quite impressive. Fave bands: Blind Guardian, Monster Magnet, and (gasp) Papa Roach. I had a fantastic time and hardly got drunk.]

At the moment I am at Graspop in Belgium and Hamerfall aren't there. With all the modern thrash, groove metal and metalcore you know I can't be going for the music. The only good festival music are power metal, old school heavy metal and upbeat folk metal. Also huge-balls rock music. So I'm going for Blind Guardian, WASP, and Monster Magnet and I hope all the other bands die in nuclear fire. Including Wolves in the Throne Room and Negura Bunget. Seriously, who the fuck invites
quality atmospheric black metal band to a festival, are you a complete moron? I go to festivals to have fun, get drunk and have some more fun. I dont listen to black metal for fun even when drunk. Festival atmosphere and black metal wage an eternal internecine war. So why don't we have more Hammerfall? Hammerfall's cool. They have this album with its title song named after some retarded tv show about some long-haired ex-cop biker that hunts corrupt, short-haired ex-collaegues. It has loads of classic tracks to bang your head to, throw the metal horns and shout along the catchy refrains, like Keep the Flame Burning and The Way of the Warrior and all of the others (except Always Will Be which is a shitty ballad). Shame on you Graspop organisers, shame on you. *insert easy and non-funny Flemish-people-are-stupid joke*
  1. Templars of steel
  2. Keep the flame burning
  3. Renegade
  4. Living in victory
  5. Always will be
  6. The way of the warrior
  7. Destined for glory
  8. The champion
  9. Raise the hammer
  10. A legend reborn
Do not load it down
Oooh, complaint ^_^

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