June 16, 2009

Ленинград - Маде Ин Жопа

Genre(s) - Ska
Origin - Sint Petersburg, indeed
Year of release - 2001
Bitrate - 128/192 kbps
Size - 47.71

Leningrad are a Russian ska band and this album of theirs is called Made in Zhopa (= Ass). It does not pay tribute to its name at all. If we were to speak in meme terms, I suppose this
would be made of win and relevant to your interests. Of course I haven't got a clue what any of the songs is about - except, I assume, the wonderful Hip-hop (pronounce: ghip-ghop) - but no matter what the songs are about, the language sounds fascinating. Especially in the hands of legendary singer and mastermind of the band, nicknamed Schnur, who's notorious for his use of the obscene sort of "side-language" of Russian, called Mat'. Their music was featured in the brilliant film Everything is Illuminated, based on the brilliant book, Everything is Illuminated. Anyway. Polnye Karmany, Zlye Puli, Stop Maschina are very entertaining tracks, and none of the songs is as rushed as some more punkish bands make them. On a sunny summer's day you too may find you are listening to this album over and over again.
  1. V klube modnom
  2. Polnye karmany
  3. Ne so moi
  4. Hip-hop
  5. Million alyh roz
  6. Parnishka
  7. Ne slyshny v sadu
  8. Devushka s ponjatiem
  9. Zlye puli
  10. Privet tomy veitsu
  11. Stroljko ne pojut
  12. Svobodnaja
  13. Eh raz, jesho raz
  14. Stop maschina
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