June 5, 2009

Darkthrone - Plaguewielder

Genre(s) - Black metal
Origin - Norway of course, you silly
Year of release - 2001
Bitrate - 192/128 kbps
Size - 44.34 MB

Plaguewielder is the single most reviled Darkthrone album in the band's impressive lifespan, and I totally don't get it. I'm no professional music reviewer, I can only judge a band subjectively, based on what the music invokes or fails to invoke in me. From that perspective this is one of my favourite releases by the band. Then again I totally don't dig the tinny production of A Blaze or Funeral Moon, and find they contain many boring segments. I simply get much more of a kick out of the clawing riffs on Weakling Avenger, Command and Wreak. I'm not a noob either, I've been listening to black metal for many (or at least a couple of) years longer than any of the more mainstream music on here which I only learned to know during the past four years and usually less. So what exactly is "wrong" with this album - and me for preferring it? Please give it an unbiased (re)try, and me your opinion.
It might be you who has to reconsider his/her judgement.
  1. Weakling avenger
  2. Raining murder
  3. Sin origin
  4. Command
  5. I, voidhanger
  6. Wreak
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  1. This one is my favorite Darkthrone album, though Sardonic Wrath is close. I like the cleaner production, the riffs are great, and Fenriz really rips out on the drums - great double bass work. I don't know why people rag on this album. I love it. And I really hate their last three albums. Just awful and amateurish.

  2. This one isn't bad. I prefer it to hate them or ravishing grimness. Its still a bit po-faced compared to how "fun" the last couple of albums have been.

    I pretty much love every era of this band though - from SSJ all the way FOAD and Dark thrones & Black Flags...