June 9, 2009

And Also the Trees - (Listen for) the rag and bone man

Genre(s) - Postpunk, gothic rock
Origin - Inkberrow, Worcestershire, UK
Year of release - 2007
Bitrate - 128/192 kbps
Size - 46.67 MB

Twenty years after the release of the live album The Evening of the 24th that was one of my first uploads for this blog, came the album that initially got me into them. Despite their categorisation as a gothic rock-slash-postpunk band, And Also the Trees seem to contain many elements from neofolk before it even existed as such, in that the compositions are so much more quiet and nature-inspired than bands the genre denomination may remind you of. I like the Sisters of Mercy and Chameleons too but this sounds nothing like it. Listen to This Beautiful Silence or Accordeon Man and you will get my drift. That's not to scare the gothic and postpunk fans off. This is sprawling, beautiful, mood-invoking music for (dark) romantics of any kind to wet their pants over.
  1. Domed
  2. The beautiful silence
  3. Rive droite
  4. Mary of the woods
  5. The way the land lies
  6. The legend of Mucklow
  7. Untitled
  8. Candace
  9. Stay away from the accordeon man
  10. The saracen's head
  11. On this day
  12. A man with a drum
  13. Under the stars
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