June 21, 2009

Ryan Harvey - Ryan Harvey

Genre(s) - Folk
Origin - United States of America
Year of release - 2005
Bitrate - 160 kbps
Size - 73.13 MB

Part of the Riot-folk collective of folk musicians, Ryan Harvey is a prodiguous songwriter. Like a modern-day Phil Ochs he uses minimal instrumentation and simple compositions to spread his left-wing, working-class views and that's something more people should be doing. Ryan challenges US foreign policies, sold-out unions, capitalist globalisation and - in the autonomous anarchist tradition - any form of authority, relying solely on clever (and true) lyrics and a lot of energy. This album is a very human and very inspiring set of songs with a couple of real angry gems in the shape of the proud Hudson Valley Strikes, the catchy And That's About the Only Thing that Governments Have Done and the positively furious If I Had a Rocket Launcher. Pure anarchoustic adrenalin. Oh and the Talkin' Writer's Block Blues is just plain cute.
  1. A heart that beats no more
  2. Open song to the US occupying forces
  3. Mountaintop mining song
  4. I-69
  5. If I had a rocket launcher
  6. It's not just Bush!
  7. The plan puebla Panama
  8. Field of schemes
  9. AFL-C-U-Later!
  10. That's about the only thing that governments have done
  11. Talking to strangers
  12. I'm always moving forward
  13. Appalachian mountain massacre
  14. Talkin' writer's block blues
  15. The ballad of the Hudson Valley strikes
  16. Riding my bike to work in the rain
  17. Brining baseball to DC
  18. Dusty boots and dogtags
  19. Willard
  20. Stand and speak
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