June 16, 2009

Tiamat - Amanethes

Genre(s) - Gothic metal
Origin - Sweden
Year of release - 2008
Bitrate - 224-320 kbps
Size - 84.87 MB

Despite numerous recommendations I still haven't taken the effort to delve into Tiamat's back catalogue beyond Judas Christ, but that's because I've simply been satisfied with their later material. Now this album is quite a bit heavier than the aforementioned one, like they mixed it with their early nineties sound. It's dark and heavy stuff that manages to combine charging bombast with a twisted sense of beauty. Some of the melodies seem somewhat Middle Eastern-tinged which definitely serves the occult mood well. Temple of the Crescent Moon is a ripping opener, seriously absurd in its ecstatic savagery, and unfortunately moments of such grandeur do not recur very often in the rest of Amanethes, though plenty of moments are also pretty dramatic. But in any case most of the songs on here are as dark and alluring like that tall, handsome man in the trenchcoat who's lost his puppy in the bushes and is asking you to help him find it.
  1. The temple of the crescent moon
  2. Equinox of the gods
  3. Until the hellhounds sleep again
  4. Will they come
  5. Lucienne
  6. Summertime is gone
  7. Katarraktis apo aima
  8. Raining dead angels
  9. Misanthropolis
  10. Amanitis
  11. Meliae
  12. Via dolorosa
  13. Circles
  14. Amanes
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