June 9, 2009

Sigue, sigue, sigue...

this is Madness Sparta!

Hey, I was just thinking, if you have been enjoying the music so far, why don't you click "follow blog" to the right there in the sidebar, sit back and be kept up to date about the posts on here automatically? It's like, super handy.

Of course it would also enhance my status in Blogland but y'all know I don't give a mandrill's technicolour ass about that, right?

As it is there seems to be somewhat of a disconnection between the amount of downloads served (over 20 000 now according to Mediafire statistics, wooo!) and the small but militant core of individuals that keep an eye on this page over a longer period of time. You have no idea how often this has made me call my dear Mum in the middle of the night, crying.

So hop aboard and stick around if you want to, and make a hard-working blogger proud!

Cheers and kindest regards,

Bart / "Charles D. Ward" (it's a Lovecraft thingie, y'know)
Your blog operator

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