July 1, 2009

Gym Class Heroes - As Cruel as Schoolchildren

Genre(s) - Hip hop/indie rock
Origin - United States of America
Year of release - 2006
Bitrate - 128 kbps
Size - 41.88 MB

So Gym Class Heroes are essentially a hiphop group, yeah, but with some footnotes. For one, they use live instrumentation -
No DJ, an actual band. Bass, guitar, acoustic drums, the lot - something to be admired in a scene controlled by turntables and drum computers. And with such an approach, bright melodicism and fresh sounds run about in this remarkable musical hodgepodge. The presence of an emo/indie-ish drummer also involved in the songwriting is most noticable in some segments of Shoot Down the Stars, with its strong positive message, and the beautiful sung refrain of 7 Weeks. You're probably aware by now this is totally incomparable to the dark and ultra-serious modus operandi of most political hiphop or gangsta rap. With the album structured like a day at high school, one question rises in my mind: do you really have such long school days in the USA?

My upload does not contain the hit single and partial Supertramp-cover Cupid's Chokehold that was included on the rerelease, but I uploaded it separately. Get it here.
  1. 1st period - the queen and I
  2. 2nd period - shoot down the stars
  3. 3rd period - new friend request
  4. 4th period - clothes off!
  5. Lunch - sloppy love jingle (pt. 1)
  6. 6th period - viva la white girl
  7. 7th period - 7 weeks
  8. 8th period - it's ok, but just this once
  9. Study hall - sloppy love jingle (pt. 2)
  10. 10th period - biters' block (speech)
  11. Yearbook club - boys in bands (interlude)
  12. 12th period - scandalous scholastics
  13. 13th period - on my own time (write on)
  14. Detention - sloppy love jingle (pt.3)
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  1. I go to school from 7:30 to 2:20, usually.
    I hate this band, though.

  2. oh and only 7 periods for me! I can't imagine having more than that, seeing that my classes are only 50 minutes long as it is.

  3. Please don't hate! :( Dislike is punishment enough for competent musicians who just won't play any music you enjoy.

    Also thanks for the clarification, that sounds much better than like, 10 or 11 periods. We also had classes of 50 minutes (but no yearbook stuff or any of that stuff).

  4. yearbook is crap. Journalism is where it's at!