June 23, 2009

Tori Amos - To Venus and Back

Genre(s) - Piano pop, singer-songwriter
Origin - North Carolina/California, USA
Year of release - 1999
Bitrate - 128 kbps

Here's a double album by that wonderful woman, Tori Amos. It's been over a year since she graced this blog, for which I humbly apologise to myself. The first disc is a regular studio album, her fifth, characterised by a bit of electronic experimentation but without losing her strengths from sight: emotional, evocative piano pop with her soaring vocals as the centerpiece. I've always found this one of her most versatile albums and it's got a few of the best melodies and vocal performances of her career (Concertina! Spring Haze!). Disc two is a live album recorded during her 1998 tour. It's even more awesome with many very powerful performances that easily surpass their studio renditions, especially Cloud on My Tongue, These Precious Things and Cornflake Girl. It's also the first time the beautiful Sugar is featured on any regular release of hers. I love the drumming on this one, as well, which usually doesn't pick my attention in more mainstream music. And I know mainstream is the ultimate cussing word to a lot of people who visit here but you know, sometimes it isn't that bad. Yeah, I'll stop writing so you can go download this stuff.

Disc 1: Venus Orbiting - Load it down (43.57 MB)
  1. Bliss
  2. Juarez
  3. Concertina
  4. Glory of the 80s
  5. Lust
  6. Suede
  7. Josephine
  8. Riot proof
  9. Datura
  10. Spring Haze
  11. 1000 oceans

Disc 2: Still Orbiting (Live) - Load it down (68.18 MB)
  1. Precious things
  2. Cruel
  3. Cornflake girl
  4. Bells for her
  5. Girl
  6. Cooling
  7. Mr. Zebra
  8. Cloud on my tongue
  9. Sugar
  10. Little earthquakes
  11. Space dog
  12. Waitress
  13. Purple people

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