June 7, 2009

Lifelover - Pulver

Genre(s) - Depressive blackened pop/rock, oh yes
Origin - Sweden
Year of release - 2006
Bitrate - 128 kbps
Size - 38.45 MB

Today's a shitty, shitty day and what better way to deal with those than to give in to it completely? Here's a band that seems made especially for grey and weary days like this. The ambiguous, cynical mixture of pop music structures with helpings of postpunk and depressive black metal sentiments generate a feeling of hopelessness that any regular depressive black metal band can only dream of achieving. Pulver is created to alienate and lock you up into your own most secret, unspeakable thoughts. There are some harsh vocals but the guitars sound very open and the strangely fitting programmed drums never turn aggressive. In fact, it's very melodic and quite accessible, were it not for the ultra-despondent nature of the music that is bound (and meant) to rub off on the listener. Woods of Infinity meets Rocketship for some Joy Division covers. Now put some pants on, Lady, you are indecent.
  1. Nackskott
  2. MS salmonella
  3. Mitt öppna öga
  4. Kärlek - backsvart melankoli
  5. Vardagsnytt
  6. Avbrott sex
  7. Stockholm
  8. Söndag
  9. Medicinmannen
  10. Herrens hand
  11. Nästa gryning
  12. En sang om dig
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  1. I'm fine with the lack of pants, but she really should clean up all that blood.

    Based on every description, Lifelover seems like a band that was made just for me. But I never find myself getting super excited about the music. It's good for sure, and I listen to it occasionally, but I guess I feel like it isn't as passionate as it could be.

  2. I agree to a certain extent, in that if the music as a whole would sound more organic, they could transfer even more emotion onto the listener. As it is it sounds a bit plastic. Especially the digital drums seem to pin it down to a rather rigid, plastic sound.

    Of course I never said that the album or band was perfect.