May 25, 2008

And Also the Trees - The Evening of the 24th

Band/artist - And Also the Trees
Genre(s) - Gothic rock, post-punk
Origin - United Kingdom
Album - The Evening of the 24th
Year of release - 1987

One of my more recent discoveries, And Also the Trees play goth rock of a rather (there's that word again) pastoral, almost folky nature, reflecting and inspired by their rural surroundings. The effect is a shimmering sensuousness that a lot of their urban collaegues lack in favour of decadent self-indulgence. The lyrics (read, for example those of Gone... like the Swallows) and their presentation are also fantastic. If Ian Curtis was a farmer (and a better songwriter; AND if he had a good voice), he might have made something almost half as good as this. Anyways, The Evening of the 24th is a live album that surpasses their studio offerings by more than a few steps in emotional intensity. No matter what music you like, you need this.
  1. A room lives in Lucy
  2. Twilight pool
  3. Vincent Craine
  4. Wallpaper dying
  5. Shantell
  6. Gone... like the swallows
  7. Headless clay woman
  8. Slow pulse boy
  9. Virus meadow
  10. So this is silence
  11. The renegade
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