February 18, 2009

Twenty Albums that Shook the World in 2008

Okay, okay. A top 20 of 2008. I find it difficult to compare and rank albums but here's an attempt. Thank the Chief Commie (thought that was me? Ha! He's the real Party animal) for pressuring me into it. Since black metal is the only genre I actively follow in respect to new albums being released, the list will disproportionately lean in that direction, moreso even than the rest of this blog. I have most of these set for posting at a later time so stick around!

As this blog is primarily for spreading music I will add links to any material of the bands included that I have posted earlier, and because you really, really need the Panopticon I've linked to a friend's blog.

20. Nachtmystium - Assassins: black meddle part 1
It's nice, I like it, etc. Earlier EP here

19. Forefather - Steadfast
Their most balanced, organic album to date

Masshysteri - Vår del av stan
Just heard this yesterday. Great Swedish punk, tough but catchy

Lifelover - Konkurs
Fits in well with their other albums, a bit too much so I'd even say

Nightbringer - Death and the black work (here!)
Raw, chaotic, demanding, overwhelming

Ida Maria - Fortress round my heart
Great voice, simple but super-uplifting songs

Voyager - Voyager
Heavy, melancholic death-doom, the post-rock way

De Silence et d'Ombre - Vol. II - Ascension manifesto
Surprising spacey black metal newcomer, could go pretty far indeed

Sabaton - The art of war
My favourite imperialist power metal band did it again. Download their debut

Tiamat - Amanethes
Temple of the crescent moooooooooooon!

Darskspace - Dark space III
...and I'm floating in a most peculiar way...

Smorzando - Smrad
Unexpected little gem of noisy depressive black metal with capital D

The Weepies - Hideaway
Not as good as Happiness (here), but still Weepie-tastic

7. Ska-P - Lagrimas y gozos
They're back! Poppier, sadder, but as good as ever. Live album here

Lantlôs - Lantlôs
Impressive debut of melancholic, postmodernist BM

Panopticon - Panopticon (here!)
Political black metal as there should be more of it

God is an Astronaut - God is an Astronaut
Exemplary post-rock, one of the best in its genre

Doom:vs - Dead words speak
Solo project of Draconian member. Total darkness and despair

2. Woods of Infinity - Hopplös väntan
Hamptjärn (here) is better, but this is the release that got me into them which is to be rewarded

A Forest of Stars - The corpse of rebirth (here)
Yay winner! See the post directly below


  1. Excellent, my mind control device is nearly complete!

    Ooh, I'm very interested in some of those: Lantlôs, God is an Astronaut, Voyager, Masshysteri, Smorzando, De Silence et d'Ombre.

    I didn't like The Art of War as much as Primo Victoria, but it was still a nice release.

    What is your impression of 2008 as a whole? Better than previous years? worse?

  2. Lol!

    I don't really like to compare or rank things because I don't want to decide who to put last - I always end up feeling sorry for them. Even if it's between inanimate (or digital) objects.
    So I don't know, I'm new to all of this, that was my first ever top 20 for instance, but I guess 2007 had a bit more very excellent releases.

    Not Doom:vs? Since you included the Draconian album, I assumed and hoped you'd be going for this one. No gothic here, but brilliant emotive stuff.

  3. NICE! I found lots of things on your list that sound great to my ears. Especially Ida Maria, De Silence et d'Ombre and Smorzando.
    I check your blog on a regular basis. Thanks for sharing!!!

  4. NICE! I found lots of things on your list that sound great to my ears. Especially Ida Maria, De Silence et d'Ombre and Smorzando.
    I check your blog on a regular basis. Thanks for sharing!!!

  5. I heard one Doom:vs track, quite a while back, and I don't remember being very impressed with it. But I probably should listen to it again before I judge! Especially if it's Draconian related.