February 16, 2009

Jefferson Airplane - Bless its Pointed Little Head

Band/artist - Jefferson Airplane
Genre(s) - Psychedelic rock
Origin - San Francisco
Album - Bless its Pointed Little Head
Year of release - 1969

Live material from Jefferson Airplane, this time an official album - I've posted a bootleg (click!) of theirs way back. Set a year later in the band's career, the infamous conflicts and competition between the individual members that would gradually affect their live shows and lead to the band's dissolution is subtly starting to rear its unfortunate head here. Don't worry though, at this point it only makes them play a bit faster and sing a bit louder. So you'll be treated to a couple of sped-up, exquisitely chaotic renditions of songs from their hit album, Surrealistic Pillow. But you're given time to relax, too, with lazier tracks like Fat Angel and Rock Me Baby. A great album to listen to in the grass in early summer, or in the car if you drive one of them stupid things.
  1. Clergy (intro)
  2. Three fifths of a mile in ten seconds
  3. Somebody to love
  4. Fat angel
  5. Rock me baby
  6. The other side of this life
  7. It's no secret
  8. Plastic fantastic lover
  9. Turn out the lights
  10. Bear melt
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