November 2, 2008

Nightbringer - Death and the Black Work

Band/artist - Nightbringer
Genre(s) - Black metal
Origin - United States of America
Album - Death and the Black Work
Year of release - 2008

Quite fresh from the presses and not yet featured on any of the blogs I've visited since, I am proud to present the long-awaited (by me, anyway) full-length by Nightbringer. It's not a premiere but it's pretty quick, no? Death and the Black Work is a dark jewel of American black metal.
This debut is all I had hoped for based on their incredible splits with Temple of Not and Serpentinam. It reminds me strongly of SVEST: despite the rawness, the chaotic structures and a focus on blistering speeds, it does not forego ambience and aesthetics in favour of sheer brutality. Overall though, Nightbringer is the more varied band and can hold my attention longer.
Personally I think that if you're thinking of getting this album, you should get it from me, because I'm so much nicer than most other bloggers. Also if you download this from any other blog than mine I'm going to tranquilize you, inject heroin into your eyes, fucking saw off your arms and legs and dump you out of a van somewhere in a medium-sized Cental Asian town you motherfucker. Enjoy!
  1. Caput draconis - black saturn
  2. Womb of Nyx
  3. Feast of the manes
  4. Of silence and exsanguination
  5. The river Lethe
  6. Beneath the sands of Dudael
  7. Candua draconis - azra lumial
  8. The somnambulist
  9. The nascent gates of twilight and dawn
Load it down


  1. Very enjoyable band. I hadn't heard of them yet. Especially liked the track "beneath the sands of dudael". Thanks for your great blog!

  2. Hey man. Did you get that Solefald album? Uploaded it just for you, man!

    In any case, I'm glad to see you're still hangin' round this place every once in a while. :)

  3. dank je voor je voor deze post! check deze band: Wrnlrd

    ik heb deze op mijn blog staan.

  4. This is a great album - really kept my attention the whole length of it. A rare thing nowadays.