February 26, 2009

Кино - Группа Крови

Band/artist - Кино
Genre(s) - New wave, post-punk
Origin - Russia
Album - Группа Крови
Year of release - 1988

Кино (Kino, "cinema") was a hugely popular Russian band from the waning days of state capitalism. The band was closely watched by the government who didn't like the decadent Western values rock music was supposed to contain, but were too popular to take action against. According to Victor Tsoi, the charismatic band leader, they took their main inspiration from Duran Duran, a band I really can't stand. Even though I like Кино much more, the similarity is clear. Группа Крови, or Gruppa Krovi ("blood type") is the band's most political document, allowed by the reforms of Glasnost and Perestrojka, but in general Tsoi preferred to write about the more personal side of life. I think they should have written more songs like the opening track; Victor's somber voice is most suitable for depressive music. All in all a great rock album in a fascinating language, from a band with a very interesting history.
  1. Gruppa krovi
  2. Zakroi za mnoi dver
  3. Voina
  4. Spokoinaja noch
  5. Mama, mõ vse soshli s uma
  6. Boshetunmai
  7. V nashih glazah
  8. Poprobui spet vmeste so mnoi
  9. Prohozhi
  10. Dalshe dejstvovat budem mõ
  11. Legenda
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  1. That's a good album. But if you like those kind of slow(er) and bit depressive songs like Группа крови, then "Звезда по имени Солнце" (A star called Sun)and "Чёрный Альбом" (The Black Album)are more suitable. They include some of the Кино-s greatest songs as: Звезда по имени Солнце, Пачка сигарет and Кукушка, (which is my personal favorite)Nice openminded blog btw.