February 27, 2009

The Foreshadowing - Days of Nothing

Band/artist - The Foreshadowing
Genre(s) - Doom metal
Origin - Italy
Album - Days of Nothing
Year of release - 2007

Gothic doom metal. The term may evoke fearful thoughts about more commercial, uptempo songs, female vocalists and dominating symphonic keyboards, but The Foreshadowing prove this doesn't have to be the case. Days of Nothing is dark and heavy, entirely sung in a very fitting clean male voice and the synths are limited to a supporting role. There are many comparisons to draw with My Dying Bride's gothic era outings like The Angel and the Dark River and Like Gods of the Sun, but I'm afraid this Italian apprentice would pulverise their masters - yes, it's really that good. This is genuinely emotive and beautiful, the quality is evenly spread and yet the songs are distinguishable, and the band's attention to detail never slips.
A top-notch production and very tight musicianship lend an extra shine to the melancholic guitar leads and keyboard interplay, and when the music is over you will be tempted to play it again. Too bad this is their only album yet... let's hope they don't keep us waiting for too long.
  1. Cold waste
  2. The wandering
  3. Death is our freedom
  4. Departure
  5. Eschaton
  6. Last minute train
  7. Ladykiller
  8. The fall
  9. Days of nothing
  10. Into the lips of the earth
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