February 5, 2009

Solar Fields - Leaving home

Band/artist - Solar Fields
Genre(s) - Psychedelic ambient, chillout
Origin - Sweden
Album - Leaving Home
Year of release - 2005

Another of the staple artists of the oft-mentioned Ultimae-label, just like the earlier-posted Aes Dana (check here). There are some differences, however. The former artist plays a sort of slowed-down, ambientised psytrance, but Solar Fields is a bit more abstract than that. This means it's not as melodic but the effect is no less because of it. Of course it's all about the atmosphere, and here it's as soothing and mystic as it gets. I think the best stuff on here can be found in the three longest tracks, Air Song, Cocoon Moon and Monogram. Also the song Time Slide struck my attention as it has a lot more feeling than I'm used to hear in ambient music. This is
music to dream away to, literally or otherwise, and that's all there's to it. Psychoactive substances not necessary, but certainly recommended.
  1. Home
  2. Time slide
  3. Insum
  4. Star fruit
  5. Magnetosphere (Star fruit pt. 2)
  6. Stereo hypnosis (Magnetosphere pt. 2)
  7. Air song
  8. Cocoon moon (Glastonbury festival 2005 mix)
  9. Monogram
  10. Times are good
  11. Leaving home
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