February 17, 2009

A Forest of Stars - The Corpse of Rebirth

Band/artist - A Forest of Stars
Genre(s) - Experimental black metal
Origin -
The United Kingdom
Album - The Corpse of Rebirth
Year of release - 2008

The UK isn't exactly famous for its extensive assortment of good black metal bands, but here we have a very strong specimen. An excellent representative for its own region with a distinctly Victorian styling, including a sample of tea being poured and drunk but mostly characterised by its great use of (actual) violins, and quite a register of other means to create something immersive, mind-melting and out of the ordinary. I'd say A Forest of Stars have royally succeeded at this goal, and that at the minor expense of sounding entirely self-indulgent. In fact I think you have to be a little self-indulgent in order to come up with this music, and most black metal of similar complexity. Not only the writing is good, the execution is as well. I love the powerful drums and the rich, full-bodied sound. The guitars seem to be rather subordinated to the total sum of the atmosphere, that is, they could be a bit more riff-orientated and it wouldn't hurt, but this is a pretty unique band... The Corpse of Rebirth is definitely one of my favourite albums to come out last year because of the completely overwhelming ambiance and splendorous, otherworldly beauty. I think I've used up all the suitable adjectives so stop reading and get the album now.
  1. God
  2. Female
  3. Male
  4. Earth and Matter
  5. Microcosm
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  1. now, this is something truly remarcable....thank you.