February 10, 2009

Woods of Infinity - Hamptjärn

Band/artist - Woods of Infinity
Genre(s) - Black metal
Origin - Umeå, Sweden (I've been there once)
Album - Hamptjärn
Year of release - 2007

Yup. I was again so stupid to overlook a brilliant band, only because of the production. Thank irony for bringing Woods of Infinity to me after all. Of course there's plenty of feeling here, so what if the sound isn't crystal-clear. In fact, the music is deeply wounded at the core, very melancholic indeed, and this translates itself into some very beautiful sections I was not expecting to hear from this band. Then of course there's also the other side to the music; the sadistic, perverse minds of Melkor and Ravenlord. Their lyrics, vocals and some of the twists in the music are what they are so notorious for. Only the darkest depths of the human mind are explored in the lyrics, and brought to our ears in such a bone-chilling manner that it doesn't even make a difference that they're not in English. And as for the twists in the music... I'm not going to spoil the surprises for you. The end result is an album that fascinates as much as it repels, beautiful in its ugliness... an unworked blood diamond.
  1. Elvira
  2. Väsendet
  3. Iafftagen
  4. Likgiltig
  5. Avgrund
  6. Stilla
  7. Första Augusti
  8. Ending existence
  9. World of lost innocense
  10. (Hidden track)
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