February 27, 2009

Belle & Sebastian - Dear Catastrophe Waitress

Band/artist - Belle & Sebastian
Genre(s) - Chamber pop
Origin - Glasgow, Scotland
Album - Dear Catastrophe Waitress
Year of release - 2003

It's so easy to assume from the name that Belle & Sebastian are a boy-girl duo, and for a while, I fell for the trap. However, they're a full, seven-headed band that plays sophisticated indiepop - explicitly not twee, they don't take kindly to that label - that ranges from understated acoustic songs to more exuberant chamber pop compositions with trumpets, an organ and the like. Dear Catastrophe Waitress is my choice for uploading because there's not a boring track on it. I also think it's more easy-going than some of their other stuff; basically the album oozes positive vibrations in every direction from beginning to end. Through a real talent for songwriting, Stuart Murdoch and his gang manage to do this without making it sound forced or predictable. If you're looking to ease the mind and don't want negative or all too demanding music, this should be the release for you. Stressée, toi? Jamais!
  1. Step into my office, baby
  2. Dear catastrophe waitress
  3. If she wants me
  4. Roy Walker
  5. (I believe in) travellin' light
  6. Asleep on a sunbeam
  7. You don't send me
  8. Wrapped up in books
  9. Lord Anthony
  10. If you find yourself caught in love
  11. I'm a cuckoo
  12. Piazza, New York catcher
  13. Stay loose
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