November 8, 2008

Sabaton - Primo Victoria

Band/artist - Sabaton
Genre(s) - Power metal
Origin - Sweden
Album - Primo Victoria
Year of release - 2005

I saw these guys live again yesterday, so what better reason to up an album? This is Sabaton's second full-length to be recorded but their first to be released so we can speak of a first victory indeed. Since the beginning, this Swedish crew has dedicated itself to playing straightforward, masculine power metal. They have the beefiest riffs since Night of the Stormrider and singer Joakim's got a powerful, deep voice which I'm sure many will find better than the cliché ballsqueezer vocals. All texts except from their first-recorded, third-released album Metalizer and their demo are about modern warfare, and usually a specific battle. The Allied landing at Normandy (the title track), the six day Israel-Arab war in '67 (
Counterstrike), napalm bombings in Vietnam (Into the Fire) are dealt with in the record's best songs. Sadly they condone Israeli aggression in Counterstrike and current US imperialist behaviour in the Middle East in the second and third tracks. Choruses are nonetheless catchy and easy to sing along, and they've never really made a boring song!
  1. Primo victoria
  2. Reign of terror
  3. Panzer battallion
  4. Wolfpack
  5. Counterstrike
  6. Stalingrad
  7. Into the Fire
  8. Purple Heart
  9. Metal machine
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  1. Great album!
    Sabaton is all about glorifying war, so I don't exactly expect them to criticize atrocities committed by the US and Israel.

  2. True, but there are more remarkable victories to write songs about than those of the greatest military power of the world against a few underdeveloped desert countries. Luckily the Afghan and Iraqi armed resistance movements are giving 'em a run for their money after all.

    Besides there's a difference between singing in praiseworthy tones about, say WWII, than about a war that is destroying lives and livelihoods at this very moment.

    There is, is there?