February 6, 2009

Draconian - Where Lovers Mourn

Band/artist - Draconian
Genre(s) - Gothic doom metal
Origin - Sweden
Album - Where Lovers Mourn
Year of release - 2003

Draconian have it all. It's classic death-doom with both good grunts and female vocals, some symphonic elements, versatility abound and a hell of a production job. They very much remind me of their fellow countrymen of Saturnus but with a clearer, less distant sound and better vocals. The music remains dark and solemn throughout but there is a lot of diversity and Where Lovers Mourn never gets boring. Just compare the first two songs: The Cry of Silence is a heavy yet remarkably serene doom track for most of its length, easy on the synths and with mostly growls, gracefully striding to an epic conclusion, while Silent Winter is a shorter, faster song with big orchestration and a center role for Lisa Johansson who sings very staccato here, to great effect. Even though it's not even all that depressive, the music's many layers
flow effortlessly and are in beautiful harmony, setting the mood for dark and lonely nights. I think this is one of the most complete, succinct and fulfilling albums in the doom metal genre.
  1. The cry of silence
  2. Silent winter
  3. A slumber did my spirit seal
  4. The solitude
  5. Reversio ad secessum
  6. The amaranth
  7. Akherousia
  8. It grieves my heart
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