February 20, 2009

Verdunkeln - Einblick in den Quälenfall

Band/artist - Verdunkeln
Genre(s) - Black metal
Origin - Germany
Album - Einblick in den Quälenfall
Year of release - 2006

Verdunkeln is a duo consisting of Gnarl and Ratatyske, known from the very fast black metal band Graupel. It's clear they intended this project as a way to escape that sound because this is quite different. No longer walling their listeners' ears shut with continuous raging blastbeats and a dense guitar rumble, as Verdunkeln they feature much more open compositions carried by mid-paced to very slow drums, with much use of keyboards, chanting clean vocals and the like. They opted for a very old-school production that is both swampy and cavernous and reminds me of early-to-mid-eighties extreme metal; it's not my favourite thing but it does make them sound darker and more unique. There is a highly ritualistic feel throughout, with a rather singular sense of melodicism that I can't describe. The closest musical parallel would be with the Ruins of Beverast as pollinated by Swans. Pretty neat, right?
  1. In die Irre
  2. Im Zwiespalt
  3. Der Quell
  4. Die Saat der Klinge
  5. Der Herrscher
  6. Auf freiem Felde
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