February 10, 2009

Hudson Falcons - Desperation and revolution

Band/artist - Hudson Falcons
Genre(s) - Punk 'n' roll
Origin - United States of America (New Jersey)
Album -
Desperation and revolution
Year of release - 2000

Taking an amalgam of rock and punk influences and chewing it up into something hard-hitting they call working class rock 'n' roll, the Hudson Falcons are a crusty bunch from New Jersey with obvious Irish heritage. They're named in commemoration of the Hudson Valley Strikes (or just for living in Hudson) and could sure land a plane on the river if they had a flying picket (yeah, nevermind). On Desperation and Revolution you can expect some politicised, high-octane rock and roll, fuelled by beer, social discontent and the desire for freedom like any good punk album should be. Notable tracks are GLC which is apparently a Menace cover (I just found out today); Free Lori about the political prisoner Lori Berenson, and a reworking of the Irish traditional Come out Ye Black and Tans.
  1. Working class war
  2. LAMF
  3. Worker fate
  4. GLC
  5. Free Lori
  6. Pride
  7. Monahans
  8. Come out ye Black and Tans
  9. Sweatshops
  10. The rat is dead
  11. Jersey City
  12. Altar of the open road
  13. Revolution
  14. Abandoned vets
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