February 6, 2009

[repost] This Ascension - Sever and more

Band/artist - This Ascension
Genre(s) - Ethereal, gothic rock
Origin - United States of America
Album - Sever
Year of release - 1999

Sever is the last in a line of four full-length albums issued by This Ascension, and definitely among the most extraordinary and versatile discs in their genre that I have ever heard, mostly due to the prominent use of driving electric guitars. Some of the most guitar-heavy tracks (namely Dorado and Amapola; great tracks the both of them) even sound more like space rock than darkwave or neoclassical. Some of the tracks do stick more to genre conventions, but do so with flair; the best example of this is Mysterium. This dual approach could easily have proved disastrous in making the album sound fragmentized, but Sever retains a decidedly ethereal nature throughout with its mystic atmosphere and Heavenly Voice of singer Dru, keeping the album cohesive and in balance. Also take note of the closing track, a wonderful Christmas carol, the ethereal way.

Note: I am reposting this because I have two older albums lying around fully rar-ed and uploaded for a last.fm friend a few months ago. Thought I might as well post them along. I chose to upload Sever for a reaon, but these are also really decent. See below!
  1. Fuego cayendo
  2. Mysterium
  3. Forever shaken
  4. Serpent's serenade
  5. Dorado
  6. Fatal dawn
  7. Columba aspexit
  8. Interlude
  9. I wish
  10. Amapola
  11. Here alone again
  12. Love lost years
  13. Carol of the bells
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