May 20, 2008

Jefferson Airplane - Fillmore west 10-26-1968 + 1967 rehearsal tracks

Band - Jefferson Airplane
Genre(s) - psychedelic rock
Origin - San Francisco, United States of America
Album - Fillmore West 10-26-1968 + 1967 "rehearsel" tracks (bootleg)
Year of release - 1968?

A great concert captured on a great and exceptionally clear sounding bootleg. No real surprises, tracklist-wise, but I've rarely heard the Planes in such perfect shape. Especially the Pooneil-combo is wildly orgasmic, now all I need to know is what a Pooneil is. The rehearsal tracks mentioned are Martha and a very long, very trippy version of Spayre Change. Tracklist? I can give you a tracklist.
  1. Fat angel
  2. Rock me baby
  3. Somebody to love
  4. Won't you try/Saturday afternoon
  5. White rabbit
  6. Ballad of you & me & Pooneil
  7. House at Pooneil Corner
  8. Martha*
  9. Spayre Change*
I could find no cover for this bootleg; right half of picture semi-related. Best I could do.

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  1. Pooneil

    maybe you'll get a clue here

    d/l'ed a JA + Grateful Dead Toronto concert in shared ssk if u care to get :)