May 25, 2009

Swans - The Great Annihilator

Genre(s) - You tell me!
Origin - United States of America
Year of release - 1995
Bitrate - 128 kbps
Size -
60.03 MB

Apparently The Great Annihilator is Swans' most accessible album. Sure it's less visceral and skeletal (among other -als) than
the bleak, lumbering industrial noisescapes of their 80s work but that doesn't say all that much. Although through the years the band has expanded their sonic palette in various directions, the music retains a doomy, ominous feeling. The multifaceted approach on here helps pour the disquieting rituals and visions of Swans into many different shapes - from the industrial aggression on I am the Sun or Alcohol the Seed, the beautiful drift of Warm and Killing for Company to the rock track Celebrity Lifestyle. Altogether this makes for a record that everybody into dark music can learn to enjoy, and I recommend everybody to give it a try.
  1. In
  2. I am the sun
  3. She lives!
  4. Celebrity lifestyle
  5. Mother-father
  6. Blood promise
  7. Mind-body-light-sound
  8. My buried child
  9. Warm
  10. Alcohol the seed
  11. Killing for company
  12. Mother's milk
  13. Where does a body end
  14. Telepathy
  15. The great annihilator
  16. Out
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