May 2, 2009

Rise and Fall of a Decade - You or Sidney

Genre(s) - Ethereal
Origin - France
Year of release - 1994
Bitrate - 128 kbps
Size - 50.01 MB

Finally, after a long time I found another good ethereal group, and one with a male singer, which is rare enough. The drifting music is akin to a band like And Also the Trees
in these 19th-century countryside sort of scenes it evokes. This mood's tranquility is sometimes ruptured by a more forceful drive which keeps the music from becoming too lethargic or single-issued. Listening to You or Sidney, I sometimes can't help but think this trio must be British by their sound, but they're French. What makes this band most interesting though, are the dual vocals of which I especially like the male singer, and their largely acoustic approach that is a little medievalish, but not to excess. There are a lot of subtly beautiful, waltzy melody lines hidden among the music's many layers. For hopeless romantics and children of another era.
  1. One of these days
  2. The hope seller
  3. Mistake
  4. Games for dying
  5. You or Sidney
  6. Strange way
  7. European swindle
  8. Hold me
  9. First
  10. Dear assurance
  11. Sweet pills
  12. Escape
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