May 20, 2009

Evergrey - Recreation Day

Genre(s) - Power metal
Origin - Sweden
Year of release - 2003
Bitrate - 160 kbps
Size - 58.17 MB

People seem determined to bill Evergrey as a progressive metal band, well, I'm not hearing it. Of course, for a heavy/power metal group they rely quite a bit on synths, and not in the usual uptempo way. This band is all about laying down a thick and dark atmosphere. The music never gets into a gallop but strides along solemnly to give the mood a chance to draw you in. Instrumental in this, besides the synths, is Tom S. Englund's voice. A perfect depth and a nice raw edge, and the capability to use it. Oh, he's good. Come to think of it, there are some remarkable tracks on here, especially the two fully acoustic songs, I'm Sorry and Madness Caught Another Victim, which nonetheless are quite different in style. My favourites, though, are The Great Deceiver and As I Lie Here Bleeding. Like a cross between Masterplan's debut and Iced Earth's The Dark Saga, maybe. Yeah, that sounds about right. Enjoy.
  1. The great deceiver
  2. End of your days
  3. As I lie here bleeding
  4. Recreation day
  5. Visions
  6. I'm sorry
  7. Blinded
  8. Fragments
  9. Madness caught another victim
  10. Darkest hour
  11. Unforgivable sin
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