May 19, 2009

Elvis Jackson - Go Home and Practice

Genre(s) - Ska-punk
Origin - Slovenia!
Year of release - 2000
Bitrate - 192 kbps
Size - 74.94 MB

Shit yeah, some more upbeat (is there any other kind?) ska-punk, from the least expected of places! Maybe you already guessed but the bandname is a combination of Presley and Michael. The lyrics, usually in endearing broken English, are all about, er... yeah. Most of the time they don't really seem to be about anything at all, really. Fun nonetheless! Some great tracks are the reggae tunes Smoke the Herb and Smile, No Problem, the punkier My Beer and Be Yourself, and the Happy Metal Song that starts out as metal indeed but does switch back to ska. The album title is funny but definitely not representative of the music, they're doing more than okay as far as I can judge. Who cares about instrumental prowess, anyway? It's the fun that matters.
  1. Dreams
  2. Trigger
  3. My beer
  4. Hawaii club
  5. Gancid - unusual conversations
  6. Morning
  7. Be yourself
  8. Market sweets
  9. Smoke the herb
  10. Happy metal song
  11. Monstrumental
  12. You're the face
  13. Johnny
  14. Smile, no problem
  15. Eyes can hear
  16. Lies before reality
  17. Srow fizow
  18. Presentation
  19. Terrible night
  20. Ni vec poti zanaj
  21. Wada
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  1. And a porn star on the cover?

    I could use some new ska, thanks!

  2. Oh, and a porn star on the cover.

    Chill, no problem. :)