May 8, 2009

Masshysteri - Vår Del av Stan

Genre(s) - Punk
Origin - Umeå, Sweden
Year of release - 2008
Bitrate - 256 kbps
Size - 32.60 MB

This blog keeper has seen the snowy outskirts of Umeå by night, and well, it all looked rather depressing to him. And while some people embrace this darkness and take it a step further (Woods of Infinity!), others will rage against it. Masshysteri is from the latter category, perfectly expemlifying the punk spirit: fighting the misery right from the middle of it.
These two-blokes-and-a-bird don't play super fast or overly distorted, and they don't need it. Their music packs a definite punch relying solely on raw energy and brilliant gritty riffs. The overlapping male and female vocal lines are the greatest asset, giving the album a melodic edge while only adding to the music's driving force. Due to this the songs are a lot more memorable than on your averge punk album. Especially Hatkarlek, Liv och Död and Paranoid are extremely recommended tracks for when you need a mental kickstart.
  1. Vår del av stan
  2. Hatkarlek
  3. Istiden
  4. Begrav mig
  5. Liv och död
  6. Paranoid
  7. Falsk
  8. Tvivel
  9. Panik
  10. Lule
  11. Monoton tid
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