May 20, 2009

Peste Noire - Lorraine Rehearsal

Genre(s) - Black metal
Origin - Avignon, France
Year of release - 2007
Bitrate - 320/256 kbps
Size - 49.38 MB

The first half of this EP is kind of enjoyable I guess, with some early versions of tracks from the then-upcoming Folkfuck Folie album. As ever, the riffs are
immediately recognisable as Peste Noire even though their style was changing radically in this period, and not for the better if you ask me. The most surprising song is La Césarienne, a Neige-penned old school black/thrash piece (what's gotten into you Stéphane?). But hopefully you're going to download this for the reworking of classic track Phalènes et Pestilence from their orgasmic debut La Sanie des Siécles, remember, from way back when their music was full of graceful moments of awe and wonder. In the meantime the song has doubled in length to twenty minutes, and what a joy it is to hear Peste Noire play in their old style versus the purposely butt-ugly music on the last two albums.
  1. La fin del siècle
  2. La Césarienne
  3. Maleiçon
  4. Psaume IV
  5. Phalènes et pestilence
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