May 11, 2009

Cradle of Filth - Dusk... and her Embrace

Genre(s) - Gothic/symphonic black metal
Origin - United Kingdom
Year of release - 1996
Bitrate - 128 kbps
Size - 53.18 MB

This is a fantastic album, and fuck everybody who says Cradle of Filth suck, are "gay", are posers, etc. What makes a poser? The dire need to stress ad nauseam his or her belonging to a certain scene or subculture. Within black metal, then, the posers are those who actually care about being "true" and that would do anything and everything to appear grim and blasphemous.
So scared to ever be seen wearing the wrong bandshirt or not bashing a band that strays from the path in order to simply do what they want - a band such as this. Dusk... and her Embrace may be Cradle's only really brilliant release, I will defend this band to the death against every corpsepainted, LLN-worshipping, genre-conformed clown on the planet.
  1. Humana inspired to nightmare
  2. Heaven torn asunder
  3. Funeral in Carpathia
  4. A gothic romance (red roses for the devil's whore)
  5. Nocturnal supremacy '96
  6. Malice through the looking glass
  7. Dusk and her embrace
  8. Graveyard by moonlight
  9. Beauty slept in Sodom
  10. Haunted shores
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  1. Yeah, take that Cradle haters! I love C of F. They were the first band to get me interested in metal, and my first live show. *sniff* Such good memories, and a fucking epic album.

  2. I think most of these people that now claim to be too true for Cradle or Dimmu got into the whole genre through exactly those two bands, as well.

  3. Midian helped me find my way into black metal. I actually have only heard the title track from this album though. Thanks for the download!

    We shouldn't kid ourselves though, Dani Filth is trying to fit a scene/image as much as any black metaler. So he probably is "doing what he wants", while maintaining a lock on his target audience. I'm not saying the music's bad, I like it!