May 3, 2009

Bergthron - Leben und Lebenswille

Genre(s) - Pagan black metal
Origin - Germany
Year of release - 2007
Bitrate - 174-320 kbps

Leben und Lebenswille ("Life and the Will to Live") was too big to upload as a single RAR, but then again it was released on three cds so that's how I'm posting it. Hurray for problems that solve themselves! So what should be expected on this release? Quite a lot actually.
Bergthron manage to cover a lot of ground within the realm of black metal without overstretching themselves. The music's rooted in mid-tempo pagan black, in the tradition of previously-posted bands like Falkenbach and Arathorn. And like those groups, there are some marvellous clean vocals at work here, especially in the tracks Im Waldhornbann and Eistrollzorn. Another point of attention is the drumming, which is excellent and it takes a track like Unter dem Bogen des Nordlichtes to a whole new, higher level. There are really no two similar songs, and even though this inventive Saxon band takes seemingly conventional genre-stylistics and combines them into something unique, the music does not seem disjointed either. Like black metal, any kind of black metal? Do yourself a huge favour and give this a spin.

If I can remember correctly, Mediafire will allow you to download all files at the same time.

Disc 1
- Load it down (37.49 MB)
  1. Tagesraunen
  2. Die Harpunen jagen wieder
  3. Im Waldhornbann
  4. Unter schroffen Segeln
Disc 2 - Load it down (39.51 MB)
  1. Arktische Hysterie
  2. Feuer und Tundra
  3. Eistrollzorn
  4. Geistesreise
  5. Tausend Berge, tausend Flüsse
Disc 3 - Load it down (33.93 MB)
  1. Unter dem Bogen des Nordlichtes
  2. Rot
  3. In den Freudentaumels Griff

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