December 7, 2008

The American Dollar - The Technicolour Sleep

Band/artist - The American Dollar
Genre(s) - Post-rock
Origin - United States of the American dollar
Album - The Technicolour Sleep
Year of release - 2007

Half a year ago I wouldn't have dreamed to upload a post-rock album even if my life depended on it. This was due to a silly and unfounded grudge against the entire genre. But then I discovered Les Discrets
, and the use of The Long March in the video Tir Nan Og is what opened my eyes to The American Dollar. Now I've been discovering some awesome post-rock bands, but this one remains undefeated. In principle TAD is a very stereotypical example of its style's characteristics: instrumental, atmospheric music based on rock instruments, but with very resonant, sprawling tones and song structures that work up to a climax. But none of the other bands I've tried, including Mogwai and Caspian, have such emotionally charged songs. The track Signalling Through the Flames is simply the most beautiful instrumental track that I have ever heard and everybody should have heard it at least once before (s)he dies.
  1. Rudiments of a spiritual life
  2. The technicolour sleep
  3. Signalling through the flames
  4. Tonight, let's all make love in Vegas
  5. Daytrip
  6. The swamp
  7. Supernova landslide
  8. Time
  9. Summer of war
  10. DEA
  11. Raided by waves
  12. Palestine
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