July 21, 2009

Les Discrets - Les Discrets

Band/artist - Les Discrets
Genre(s) - Post-rock, shoegaze
Origin - France
Album - Les Discrets EP
Year of release - Pas du tout!

"At this time, no release from Les Discrets has been released. A so-called EP seems to have been released in 2007, but the musician himself even doesn't know it! This "EP" you can download on web blogs, portals, p2p clients is a fake, a poor rip of Myspace draft songs that were at time on that page.
The so-called cover is actually a shot from my animated short film that i used as Myspace main picture. Nothing to do with a cover!!
The first release of Les Discrets will be an album that will be recorded from the 1st to 19th June in Drudenhaus Studio in France, and it will be released via Prophecy Productions in Autumn 2009."
- Fursy Teyssier

[This is a repost. As recent, thorough investigation points out (it was on the project's Myspace page), this is not actually an EP but a collection of tracks downloadable from Myspace, making this a very unofficial "release". I personally was just too glad to find this on Soulseek, and subsequently too eager to hear and share this with you to be critical. To be honest, it was me who took the then-official Les Discrets myspace image as a replacing album cover, and since I was the first to publish the non-EP, it kind of got spread around the instawebs as an official cover. I'm not going to take down the post at this news - I hope it will lead a lot of people to consider buying the album when it comes. There's reason to hope so; at the moment, this is the single most often downloaded file in the history of this blog.]

Les Discrets is the platform from which the multi-talented Fursy Teyssier whom you may also know from his contributions to Alcest and Amesoeurs, releases his music, art and animations. The musical side of this project so far consists of just this EP but I've heard a full-length is in the making. Alcest definitely shines through in the music's mood, but this is more minimalist in the softer parts, whereas the louder parts are more typically post-rock in their building up and releasing of audial tension. In fact, Les Discrets is very similar to The American Dollar, not a coincidence because Fursy has cooperated with said band on a number of levels. In all it's quite a beautiful EP, though mostly on the force of the first two tracks. The last three are a bit understated, and I have the feeling Fursy can do even better than this. I consider this a most pleasant appetizer for the coming main course.

You should also check his site where you can watch his wonderful animated short called Tir Nan Og (where have we heard that title before?), an allegory on dying with music from The American Dollar.
  1. Corbeaux automne ciel gris
  2. Les vieux ne meurent pas
  3. Pensées sous les nuages
  4. Song for mountains
  5. Urban disease (unfinished)
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