December 5, 2008

Trist - Hin-Fort

Band/artist - Trist
Genre(s) - Dark ambient, black metal
Origin - Rosenheim (Bavaria), Germany
Album - Hin
Year of release - 2007

Hin-Fort has nothing to do with the more well-known Czech band named Trist. This is the German band/co-operation between one Timo Kölling (a poet and philosopher) and Benjamin König AKA Aran of Lunar Aurora. It's formally a dark ambient project, but this release is split in two very distinct disks. The second disk, Fort, is indeed comprised of very dark ambient of a cinematic kind that aims to frighten, using a lot of movie samples and the like. The first disk, Hin, is what this is really about. This single, hour-long behemoth of a track starts as an ambient piece too. But twice in its duration the music erupts into long stretches of the most intense, brainwarping and repetitive ambient black metal you might ever have heard. It does remind of Lunar Aurora - the atmosphere reminds of Hier und Jetzt and the Zyklus album to be precise, but the whole sound is more alike to Darkspace without the palm-muted guitars. You could see it as a blend of both, but more persistent in every way. I'd already posted the first disk but a set is a set. If you're not discouraged by lengthy songs and like a musical challenge you should let this unit turn your brain into goo - that's what it does, and it feels good.

Disk 1 - Hin - Load it down
  1. Hin (59:54)

Disk 2 - Fort - Load it down
  1. (Keine) Angst
  2. Unter dem Wolken
  3. Hilfe
  4. Schlaflos
  5. Licht aus!
  6. Nachtflug
  7. Fort

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