December 29, 2008

Agalloch - two more EPs

Band/artist - Agalloch
Genre(s) - Neofolk metal
Origin - United States of America (Portland, OR)

So! Agalloch don't have two EPs out, they've got four, and I decided to be a perfectionist and upload 'em all. With all the genre confusion I've decided to call them neofolk-metal,
which may be a bit "too short through the corner" but it's simply the most fitting term I can imagine. Their very latest EP, the White one, once again underscores the band's dedication to neofolk - it's entirely written in this tradition - and also their metal material usually shows influences from the genre. The Grey EP starts off with a (very) different version of The Lodge, off The Mantle album, transforming it from a short semi-acoustic track into a long, very beautiful piece of largely black metal-styled melancholy. Odal on the other hand has gotten an industrial-ambient treatment that can't catch my attention at all. The White EP consists of only new tracks, barren and bleached compositions with only sporadic use of electric instruments or vocals. It suits you or it doesn't, but I think it's wonderful.

Album - The Grey EP
Year of release - 2004
  1. The lodge (dismantled)
  2. Odal (nothing remix)
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Album - The White EP
Year of release - 2008
  1. The isle of summer
  2. Birch black
  3. Hollow stone
  4. Pantheist
  5. Birch white
  6. Sowilo rune
  7. Summerisle reprise
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